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How stem cell therapy can work for hair growth

In this article I will offer a brief explanation of how stem cell therapy can work for hair growth. In a May 2019 study in the medical journal Cells (1), researchers discussed the use of stem cells to improve hair regrowth, including reversing hair loss by...

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Why do you GAIN weight after knee replacement?

Research: The majority of total knee replacement patients are overweight or obese. Physical activity levels and weight do not appear to change in many patients after knee replacement. I was reading a study in the journal Disability and rehabilitation.(1) It was led...

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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for Chronic Low Back Pain

Earlier this year we have published our study on the effectiveness of PRP treatments for the patient for chronic low back pain. The study appears in the journal Cogent Medicine.(1) This research gives an insight into what level of treatment success we can have with...

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PRP Therapy for acne scars

We are often asked, "Can you help with acne scars?" For many the answer is yes. We have seen many patients over the years with various levels and degrees of acne scaring who have benefitted from our PRP treatments. What are our PRP treatments and how do they work?...

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When you have hip and back pain, what do you treat first?

Many people email us about their hip and back pain. Some have been recommended to a hip replacement, some have been recommended to a spinal surgery. Some have been recommended to both surgeries and they are in the process of choosing between one or the other and...

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