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Comparing PRP and stem cell treatments

Our office will frequently receive an email or a phone call from a person who is interested in either Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or stem cell therapy. They will ask us, which is better? They are both good. We have found both PRP and bone marrow derived stem cells to...

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Is there sports after joint replacement?

We see many active patients who are not convinced a joint replacement will help them return to their game. German researchers see the same type patients. In a new study, the doctors from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf echoed what we see here: "An...

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Living Pain Free May 12, 2018

Listen to show Part 1 General discussion - Regenerative Medicine Email: Can Stem cells regow cartilage in knee osteoarthritis Caller: Leg and shin pain Caller: Abdominal numbness and Lower back pain Caller: Realistic discussion of nerve damage in spine Part 2 General...

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Knee cartilage surgery or stem cell therapy?

Biological knee reconstruction is a more recent term to describe the surgical procedure of combined meniscal allograft transplantation and surgical cartilage repair. It is recommended to patients with painful, meniscus-deficient knees and full-thickness cartilage...

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Stem cells for stenosis

"We have very little confidence to conclude whether surgical treatment or a conservative approach is better for lumbar spinal stenosis, and we can provide no new recommendations to guide clinical practice. . . However, it should be noted that the rate of side effects...

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Living Pain Free – May 5, 2018

Listen to show Part 1 Email about Full Thickness Roator Cuff Tear Caller: Ankle sprains The Vampire Facelift Caller: Knee pain - osteoarthritis Caller: Shoulder injury Caller: AVN in hip and need for knee replacement Part 2 Caller: Gout in the knee Caller: Right...

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