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Vitamin C and joint pain

When a joint is in degenerative disease, a multifactorial system is in play that breaks down bone, cartilage, and soft tissue. The breakdown system is so complete that it turns the protective synovial fluid into a toxic pool of inflammatory factors  manifest as the...

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Weight loss can help avoid back surgery

When we see a patient in our office who has joint or back pain and they have clear issues of excessive weight, we try to reassure the patient that we understand that it can be difficult to lose weight. We tell them that we are not going to lecture them and that we...

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Vitamin D and knee pain

Vitamin D can be an important supplement in supporting various types of knee osteoarthritis treatments. Research as outlined below suggests that vitamin D supplementation can help alleviate pain and symptoms related to degenerative knee disease. What I hope to achieve...

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Treatment for Achilles Tendon rupture

I receive many emails about accelerating the healing of a surgically repaired tendon with stem cell therapy. These emails come from athletes or people who need to get back to work much faster than their surgical rehabilitation is allowing them to. Generally speaking...

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Stem Cell Therapy in treatment of meniscus tears

Often I will hear remarkable statements in emails. Here is an example of one shared from someone who has knee pain, a previous meniscus surgery and the prognosis for the need of a knee replacement. This person contacted me because they were interested in a stem cell...

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