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Living Pain Free July 21 2018

Listen to show Part 1 4:00 Bad Knees 11:15 Discussion of bad hip and hip replacement 16:30 Ankle pain and instability 17:55 Knees and shoulder Part 2 1:00 Caller cannot jog - inflammation of the heal 10:00 Rheumatoid arthritis 14:30 Fibromyalgia 16:15 Knee pain 19:45...

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PRP and Stem Cells for Tennis Elbow

There is some new and exciting research to share in the non-surgical treatment of elbow pain and instability. We will often see patients who have lingering elbow pain. They continue to receive and remedy themselves with traditional "conservative" treatments that...

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Stem cell therapy and healing meniscus damage

Often I will hear remarkable statements in emails. Here is an example of one shared about knee pain. This person contacted me because they were interested in a stem cell program to help them avoid a knee replacement. He reported that he had an arthroscopic surgery to...

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Research: Hip disease can cause problems in the lower back

At Washington University School of Medicine, Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Neurology and Physical Therapy, surgeons and therapists wanted to examine patients who had hip osteoarthritis and back pain. The hip-spine complex can be a tricky and complex area to...

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