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Ideal Protein Diet

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method Helps You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals and Teaches You How to Maintain the Results Stop Dieting and Start Living! If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried a number of dieting options (maybe you feel like you tried them...

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MRI may send people to unnecessary shoulder surgery

We do a lot of research in our clinic. One topic we frequently research is shoulder osteoarthritis. One of the subtopics we research is the question, “why did someone get a shoulder surgery?” Often times the answer is: “because my shoulder MRI was really bad.” My...

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Treatment for sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Patients will often come into our office with an MRI, low back pain and a diagnosis of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. They are in our office because they may have been told that they should consider a surgical recommendation to spinal fusion. For many of these people,...

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Treating Occipital Neuralgia with stem cell therapy and PRP

When reviewing new research on the treatment of chronic migraine and occipital neuralgia, we see that many new studies focus on nerve blocks. If you suffer from chronic migraine or headaches with its determined source clearly pointing to occipital neuralgia, nerve...

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Treatment for Migraines

Over the years we have seen many patients with problems and challenges related to migraine headaches. Of course the biggest challenge these new patients are facing was finding good, effective, long-term relief. Headache is a very complex subject. Headaches can be...

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This is what my neck MRI says, can you help?

Everyday we get many emails. Some of these emails concern neck pain. In many of these emails the person asking a question sends me their cervical neck MRI findings. That is all they send: A cut and paste of their MRI report. They never say what their pain is like, how...

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TMJ with neck pain

Over the years we have received our fair share of emails from patients seeking treatment for their TMJ. In many of these emails, the sender will describe to us osteoarthritis of the jaw that came as a result of a traumatic injury such as a jaw dislocation during a...

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Weight loss can help avoid back surgery

When we see a patient in our office who has joint or back pain and they have clear issues of excessive weight, we try to reassure the patient that we understand that it can be difficult to lose weight. We tell them that we are not going to lecture them and that we...

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A little weight loss provides knee pain relief

For more than two decades, we have seen, and still see, patients with sedentary lifestyles because of knee pain. In many of these people, this subsequent inactivity has also lead to weight gain. When these people visit us, they come for knee pain treatments and some...

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