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Platelet-rich plasma for hamstring injuries

Someone will email an MRI of their hamstring problem. They will talk about the micro-tearing in the hamstring tendons and pain and soreness with certain movements and especially sitting. They have had a cortisone injection and anti-inflammatories. They have rested it...

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Treatment options for big toe pain and bunions

The hip joint, the shoulder joint, the knee joint, the big toe joints, they all have one thing in common. When they are in the process of wear and tear degenerative joint disease, they become unstable, painful, and they start forming bone spurs and bony overgrowths....

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TMJ with neck pain

Over the years we have received our fair share of emails from patients seeking treatment for their TMJ. In many of these emails, the sender will describe to us osteoarthritis of the jaw that came as a result of a traumatic injury such as a jaw dislocation during a...

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Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy for thumb osteoarthritis

Most of the people that contact our office looking for treatment for their thumb pain have already had a long history of treatments with limited success. In fact, many will confess that their doctors are now recommending pain management (anti-inflammatories and...

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Treating low testosterone caused by too many painkillers

Men who have a history of opioid use from chronic pain are at higher risk for testosterone or androgen deficiency. This is not an opinion, this is the cumulative research of the medical community who started to assess the collateral damage of the opioid epidemic and...

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