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Platelet Rich Plasma Chronic Back Pain Treatments

This article has been updated with new research findings on PRP injections and low back pain. In 2019 we published our study on the effectiveness of PRP treatments for the patient for chronic low back pain. The study appears in the journal Cogent Medicine.(1) This...

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Vitamin D and knee pain

Vitamin D can be an important supplement in supporting various types of knee osteoarthritis treatments. Research as outlined below suggests that vitamin D supplementation can help alleviate pain and symptoms related to degenerative knee disease. What I hope to achieve...

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Platelet-rich plasma for hamstring injuries

Someone will email an MRI of their hamstring problem. They will talk about the microtearing in the hamstring tendons and pain and soreness with certain movements and especially sitting. They have had a cortisone injection and anti-inflammatories. They have rested it...

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Treatment for Achilles Tendon rupture

I receive many emails about accelerating the healing of a surgically repaired tendon with stem cell therapy. These emails come from athletes or people who need to get back to work much faster than their surgical rehabilitation is allowing them to. Generally speaking...

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TMJ with neck pain

Over the years we have received our fair share of emails from patients seeking treatment for their TMJ. In many of these emails, the sender will describe to us osteoarthritis of the jaw that came as a result of a traumatic injury such as a jaw dislocation during a...

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Stem cells and PRP Treatments for elbow pain

We will often see patients who have lingering elbow pain. They continue to receive and remedy themselves with traditional "conservative" treatments that include resting, icing, anti-inflammatory medications and various other health care provided treatments including...

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Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy for thumb osteoarthritis

Most of the people that contact our office looking for treatment for their thumb pain have already had a long history of treatments with limited success. In fact, many will confess that their doctors are now recommending pain management (anti-inflammatories and...

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Alternatives to shoulder replacement

As many people contemplate waiting for a shoulder replacement and they have the time to review the research, they see that they have three main options to manage their shoulder pain. Replace the ball and socket of the shoulder joint. The reason a shoulder replacement...

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