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Whiplash and Whiplash associated disorders

In the more than 20 years we have been helping patients with their chronic pain, we have seen many people with hyper-extended neck injuries, or, in simpler terms whiplash injury. We have also seen patients who suffered from long-term effects of their whiplash injury...

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MRI sends people to unnecessary shoulder surgery

We do a lot of research in our clinic, one topic we frequently research is shoulder osteoarthritis. One of the subtopics we research is the question, “why did someone get a shoulder surgery that may have not been needed?” Often times the answer is: “because my...

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TMJ Treatments

Over the years we have received our fair share of emails from patients seeking treatment for their TMJ. They will often write of a traumatic injury such as a jaw dislocation during a hockey game or a dislocation or a fractured jaw from a motorcycle accident. Some will...

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