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Whiplash and Hyper-extended neck injuries

Hyper-extended neck injuries, more commonly referred to as whiplash, are a complex problem for patients. A complexity that leaves many frustrated with their health care and some fighting to prove that there is something really wrong with them. If one were to examine...

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LIVING PAIN FREE October 7 2017

Subjects in this half hour amniotic stem cells A caller with hip pain from arthritis The Ideal protein diet, paleo delivers diet email: hip labral tear A caller: shoulder pain, violinist A caller discusses MS Subjects in this half hour A caller: chronic kidney disease...

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New research PRP for hair restoration

The application of blood platelets for hair restoration is sometimes difficult to understand in the context of the many hair restoration products available. At our Institute we like to present the hard science to show you theoretically how this works at the cellular...

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Living Pain Free September 30, 2017

In this first half hour: Dr. Darrow celebrates 8 years on the air with Nina Valens as co-host A caller with back and neck A caller with low back pain, leg pain who also discusses medical marijuana A caller with knee pain and medial meniscus tear A caller with achilles...

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