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Tiger Woods and Spinal Fusion Surgery

I am an avid golfer. People who are my patients understand my great passion for this game. Many of these people are my patients because of a back pain problem that is impacting their ability to play golf. In April of this year, Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest...

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PRP and Stem Cells for Tennis Elbow

There is some new and exciting research to share in the non-surgical treatment of elbow pain and instability. We will often see patients who have lingering elbow pain. They continue to receive and remedy themselves with traditional "conservative" treatments that...

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Stem cell therapy for knee osteoarthritis

In this article I will present research to support the use of stem cell treatments for knee osteoarthritis. I will discuss newly published research by the Darrow Stem Cell Institute on the use of bone marrow derived stem cells and discuss the use of amniotic and...

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Painkillers and low hormone levels cause joint pain

Here is an example patient we often see. Patient is in the "tween" period. They have advancing osteoarthritis but are too young for joint replacement. They come into to see us complaining that they are being pain managed along until the deterioration of their joint is...

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Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy

The material in the injections that we use for our umbilical cord blood stem cell therapy comes from full-term live birth deliveries in a hospital setting. These materials are the umbilical cord blood from the discarded placenta, and of course, the umbilical cord...

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