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Cervical Spine and Neck Pain

Everyday we get many emails. Some of these emails concern neck pain. In many of these emails the person asking a question sends me their cervical neck MRI findings. That is all they send: A cut and paste of their MRI report. They never say what their pain is like, how...

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Stem Cell Therapy as a meniscus surgery alternative

Many people today are exploring meniscus surgery alternatives. One reason is that they may be on a waiting list to get the surgery. Another is that they have been doing research and are not absolutely convinced that meniscus surgery will help them anyway. Meniscus...

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Hair loss treatments

Many patients that we see with chronic joint and back pain are also interested in using the same Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapies that we used to help repair their joints, to help restore and regrow hair loss. But sometimes hair loss can be a...

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Treatment for sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Patients will often come into our office with an MRI, low back pain and a diagnosis of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. They are in our office because they may have been told that they should consider a surgical recommendation to spinal fusion. For many of these people,...

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Vitamin D and knee pain

Vitamin D can be an important supplement in supporting various types of knee osteoarthritis treatments. Research as outlined below suggests that vitamin D supplementation can help alleviate pain and symptoms related to degenerative knee disease. What I hope to achieve...

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