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Vitamin C and joint pain

When a joint is in degenerative disease, a multifactorial system is in play that breaks down bone, cartilage, and soft tissue. It all happens simultaneously and spontaneously. This multifactorial  breakdown system is so complete that it turns the protective synovial...

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Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy for thumb osteoarthritis

Most of the people that contact our office looking for treatment for their thumb pain have already had a long history of treatments with limited success. In fact, many will confess that their doctors are now recommending pain management (anti-inflammatories and...

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Stem Cell Therapy as a meniscus surgery alternative

Many people today are exploring meniscus surgery alternatives. One reason is that they may be on a waiting list to get the surgery. Another is that they have been doing research and are not absolutely convinced that meniscus surgery will help them anyway. Meniscus...

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Alternatives to shoulder replacement

As many people contemplate waiting for a shoulder replacement and they have the time to review the research, they see that they have three main options to manage their shoulder pain. Replace the ball and socket of the shoulder joint. The reason a shoulder replacement...

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Alternative to spinal fusion surgery

In our practice we often see patients who are in severe back pain. These people have an MRI, X-ray and/or scan that may show an inaccurate picture of what is causing their pain. What do I mean by inaccurate picture? The MRI cannot show muscle spasms from a simple back...

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