Research: Hip disease can cause problems in the lower back

At Washington University School of Medicine, Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Neurology and Physical Therapy, surgeons and therapists wanted to examine patients who had hip osteoarthritis and back pain. The hip-spine complex can be a tricky and complex area to diagnose. Finding the true source or sources generating a patient’s pain can be equally complex.  (more…)

Hip Bursitis or Spinal Instability?

Trochanteric bursitis has been used as a general term to describe pain around the greater trochanteric region of the hip. “Bursitis,” is still a popular diagnosis for lateral hip pain.

Doctors at the Center for Hip Surgery in the United Kingdom however speculated that that trochanteric bursitis may not be a real diagnosis and in their study, pain normally attributed to bursitis was coming from a weakening of the hip tendons.1

In agreement with this research, we will often see patients with a diagnosis of bursitis, and, as this study suggests they do not have it at all. What we find is pain being generated by problems of the hip, pelvic, and low back ligaments in addition to the tendons This is usually discovered following a physical examination.