Comparing PRP and stem cell treatments

Our office will frequently receive an email or a phone call from a person who is interested in either Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or stem cell therapy. They will ask us, which is better? They are both good. We have found both PRP and bone marrow derived stem cells to be effective and reliable treatments for our patients. Effective and reliable are terms we use frequently. Reliable means we have a good understanding of how these treatments will work in many areas causing pain and instability.


Knee cartilage surgery or stem cell therapy?

Biological knee reconstruction is a more recent term to describe the surgical procedure of combined meniscal allograft transplantation and surgical cartilage repair. It is recommended to patients with painful, meniscus-deficient knees and full-thickness cartilage damage.In the research we will examine below, some surgeons are questioning the value of these procedures. Also I will show studies on how this biological knee replacement can be achieved by using stem cell therapy for meniscus and cartilage repair.


A recent study outlines the frustrations and challenges an overweight or obese person suffers with knee pain.

This article is presented with the hope that it provides the insight and information needed to understand the value of weight loss in the person suffering from knee pain.

A recent study from doctors in Australia outlined the frustrations and challenges an overweight or obese person suffers with their knee pain.

  • Most obese and overweight patients are not satisfied with their body weight, want to lose weight and want to participate in a diet program.
  • They feel weight loss and better health would help with their knee pain.
  • Despite this: They were more likely to report continuing weight gain.
  • While many overweight patients rated food intake to be a main determinant of their weight problems , the more obese participants more frequently believed genetic and metabolic factors to be important.
  • When asked to chose one program diet or exercise – that they thought would help them with their weight loss goals – it was almost an even split – 53% thought physical activity – 47% thought diet.(1)


The importance of stem cell numbers in stem cell therapy

Waking up stem cells already in your knees and getting them to fix the wear and tear damage causing your pain may shed light on the importance of stem cell numbers in stem cell therapy. In this article I will explore whether the numbers of stem cells in your knee or those stem cell’s ability to communicate a healing message among themselves will provide a “good heal” to damaged joints. (more…)