Research: Hip disease can cause problems in the lower back

At Washington University School of Medicine, Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Neurology and Physical Therapy, surgeons and therapists wanted to examine patients who had hip osteoarthritis and back pain. The hip-spine complex can be a tricky and complex area to diagnose. Finding the true source or sources generating a patient’s pain can be equally complex.  (more…)

Can stem cell therapy be a realistic treatment for pain after multiple spinal surgeries?

We receive many emails from patients who have undergone numerous spinal procedures. The question they all ask is: “Can you help?” Because of the complexities of spinal surgery, especially in patients with numerous procedures, this question must be answered following a physical examination and consultation where realistic healing options can be discussed.


Back pain after spinal fusion could be muscle damage from surgery

There has to be a reason for failed back surgery syndrome, there has to be help for patients suffering with back pain after surgery. New research is showing that despite the “success” of the spinal fusion procedure, damage and atrophy to the spinal muscles are often overlooked.

Surgeons at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University in Japan have published a paper examining the post-surgical phenomena of back muscle degeneration in lumbar fusion patients. The goal was to find answers for failed back surgery syndrome.


Stem Cells for Degenerative Disc Disease

I have written many articles on stem cell therapy and how they change the degenerative disease environment of the inner spine to a healing environment.

When stem cells are injected into the spine or joint they initially set up a line of communication with the immune system and begin exchanging messages. The stem cells tell the immune cells to call healing factors to the site of damage and to meet them at the points where repair is needed. This is when healing begins.