Radio Show

Listen to Segment 1 – 10/29/16

  • caller shares experience with PRP
  • caller had surgery for gunshot wound to leg, shattered bone needs repair
  • caller: PRP treatments for migraines?
  • caller: knee pain

Listen to Segment 2

  • caller: knee arthritis
  • caller: hip, knee arthritis
  • caller: 4th back surgery
  • caller: neck, shoulder, arm.  Whiplash from fall
  • caller: TMJ
  • caller: surgery for hip fracture, still in pain

Radio show from August 6, 2016 Segment 1


Radio show from August 6, 2016 Segment 1


Radio show from July 23, 2016 Segment 1

  • First caller has knee pain
  • Second caller has knee pain
  • Third caller has hip pain

Radio show from July 23, 2016 Segment 2

  • caller: lesions in knee.  bowed leg.  had cartilage replacement surgery
  • caller: knee, medial meniscal tear
  • caller: knee
  • caller: shoulder

Radio Show 5/28/16 Segment 1

  • A caller  that Dr. Darrow discusses first knee arthritis and then an ACL tear in a Judo competitor
  • A caller with knee/meniscus, how does prolotheraphy work?

Radio Show 5/28/16 Segment 2

  • EMAIL: total knee replacement, want to do something else for other knee
  • A caller with caller: ACL tear, popping knee
  • A caller had cortisone shot for pain in knee MRI shows tears
  • A caller had spinal cord compression, spinal stenosis in neck

Radio show from 4/30/16 Segment 1

  • A caller with fibromyalgia
  • A caller with lower back pain
  • A caller with knee pain
  • A caller: hand dupuytren’s contracture

Radio show from 4/30/16 Segment 2

  • A caller with back pain
  • A caller with leg pain – osteoarthritis
  • A caller with shoulder pain
  • A caller with caller: knee pain – osteoarthritis
  • A caller with caller: knee pain
  • A caller with caller with neuropathy in feet, hands, diabetic

Radio Show 4/23/16 Segment 1

In the first segment of the show –

Radio Show 4/23/16 Segment 2

  • The knee pain caller continued
  • Three more callers with various knee problems and knee replacements