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Stem Cell and Platelet Therapy / Regenerate, Don’t Operate

Written by Marc Darrow, MD, JD. this e-book discusses Dr. Darrow’s many years of experience using regenerative medicine to treat patients with simple and complex spine and joint pain problems. 

Chapter 1: The Promise of Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma
Chapter 2: Stem Cell Therapy
Chapter 3: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
Chapter 4: Knee
Chapter 5: Back
Chapter 6: Hip
Chapter 7: Shoulder
Chapter 8: Other Conditions Elbow, Neck/Cervical Spine, TMJ, Tendons
Chapter 9: The Impact of Diet and Pain Medication

A review of over 250 medical and research papers

“Dr Marc Darrow has been my health coach for many years his recommendations for nutrition, hormone therapy, and weight training have all been tested tried-and-true. Through his guidance I have successfully accomplish my fat loss and muscle gain goals. It makes sense to regenerate tissue rather than cut it out. Stem cell therapies are the way” — Dr. Dre, Music Producer, Rapper, CEO and founder Aftermath Entertainment and Betas Electronics

“I have known and worked with Marc Darrow, MD for 20 years since I am an avid dancer he has come to my aid with regenerative medicine when I have been injured. I have referred patients to him for his Innovative work in the field. It is exciting to read his book and realize that the research on orthopedic procedures is replete with studies that show how poor the outcomes actually are, we always knew this in anecdotally. In addition, the studies on regenerative medicine or amazingly positive.Personally I stay away from the knife, and advise my patients to do the same PMP and stem cells are the future of Medicine” —
Cynthia Watson, MD. St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica California.

Suzanne Somers wrote the Foreword to Dr. Darrow’s latest book: Stem Cell Therapy and PRP: Regenerate Don’t Operate.

 I HAVE KNOWN Dr. Marc Darrow of the Darrow Stem Cell Institute for many years. Initially I interviewed him for my book, AGELESS to find out about his work with regenerative medicine, a natural injection series.

Prolotherapy is an early form of regenerative medicine that has progressed throughout the years to include PRP and Stem Cells.

Regenerative medicine involves injecting a dextrose solution, platelets from the blood, or stem cells and platelets from bone marrow, or just stem cells from fat, into the place where soft tissue is injured, such as the joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments.

 Suzanne Somers

After the interview I was intrigued. I had torn the Meniscus in my right knee while doing my nightly one-woman Broadway show. I went to a surgeon and he recommended surgery. Instead I decided to try working with Dr. Darrow. I was looking for a non-surgical, non-drug way to eliminate the throbbing pain in my knee and I felt we could be a good ‘fit’.

Everybody experiences pain at some point in their lifetimes. Our first pain in life usually happens as kids: we fell off our bikes or other recreational modes and broke our legs and arms. So often later in life these childhood injuries become inflamed ‘weak spots’ often resulting in dull or whopping, throbbing chronic pain.

Most people with pain pop pain meds and carry on until the meds no longer work.  I didn’t want to be on drugs so instead I had Dr. Darrow inject his Prolotherapy sugar solution and in time the problem went away, never requiring surgery or pain medications.

Prolotherapy injection is usually paired with a local anesthetic, such as Procaine or Lidocaine. The solution can be sodium morrhuate, sugar or a mixture of sugar and phenol. For my injury Dr. Darrow gave me a series of injections over a period of about three weeks. I am very happy I chose to be Dr. Darrow’s patient. My series of injections worked and surgery was avoided.

Dr. Darrow also treats my son Bruce, an avid cyclist, who has had more ‘incidents’ than he probably wishes to share with me. But I know each time he has a cycling ‘episode’ he runs to Dr. Darrow and I feel confident he is with a doctor who is not a pill pusher but rather, solution oriented.

PAIN is an overwhelming condition; sometimes so debilitating it destroys happiness and quality of life. Chronic debilitating pain is its own animal…and as human beings we will do most anything to eliminate it, thus the rise of prescription pain medications …drugs that so often lead to addiction. There is no free lunch with pharmaceuticals and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that continued use of heavy duty pain medications is a road to ‘no good’.

Dr. Darrow’s work has now moved to the new and exciting cutting edge science and breakthrough of stem cell transplants as a therapy.  Stem cells are clearly the future and are the better choice instead of surgery which so often brings disappointing results.

How many people do you know who had surgery to fix the problem only to have it return, only worse? Labral tears, bone on bone conditions, degenerative hips, shoulder pain, lower back, disc problems, the list goes on and on.

Pain is ageless.  Young people have pain, old people have pain. Athletes have pain so often with injuries that reduce their quality of life. A ballerina friend of mine, once in peak form is now at mid-life, wheel- chair bound. You never know what’s going to happen; a serious motorcycle accident or car crash can change your life, a returning veteran with multiple injuries often suffers with life-long debilitating pain. Older people have bones that fracture most often from hormone loss. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid meaning it builds bone and muscle; when testosterone declines the bones decline with it. Estrogen and progesterone also build bone; one burrows, one builds, called osteoclasts and osteoblasts and without hormones you lose this bone building mechanism. This is what you see when an elderly person is crossing the street slowly shuffling. They have no mechanism in place to rebuild lost bones.

But what if you could re-build bone? What if you could eliminate pain permanently?  Dr. Darrow understands the effects of bone loss not only related to hormone deficiency but with stem cells rebuilding joint cartilage.

It has long been thought that once bone is gone, it’s gone; there’s not been much you could do about it, until now.  Dr. Darrow asks the question; why not try to first regrow the bone and repair the tissue with the goal of avoiding surgery and eliminating pain?

Isn’t this the kind of doctor you are looking for? This book is your opportunity to educate yourself so you can intelligently ask the proper questions and best of all make the right decision for yourself. Surgeons perform surgery. If you go to a surgeon that is what will most-likely be recommended. Most people are not educated about other options. This book offers another option.

Dr. Darrow has been one of the first doctors to use  stem cells and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP). From what I understand he does as much or more of these procedures than any doctor in the world. These treatments come under the term “regenerative Medicine”. Regenerative medicine is the science that studies the regeneration of biological tissues obtained through the use of cells.  PRP is obtained from the withdrawal of the patients’ blood, concentrating the platelets in a safe, economical way to promote growth factors that stimulate new tissue growth. PRP is able to significantly reduce or eliminate pain and improve joint, tendon, and ligament function.

Science is accelerating at breakneck speed. Both doctors and researchers hope they have found the answer to pain in the promise of bone marrow stem cells. The medical community is excited that stem cells work by rebuilding from within the diseased joint into a healing joint environment.  Bone marrow stem cells increase tissue proliferation. Stem cell injections regrow cartilage and stop chronic inflammation. When you have pain, this is what you are looking for.

Before you find yourself addicted to powerful opiates or lying on an operating table with your fingers crossed hoping that this surgery will be the answer to your pain, you now have an exciting new first option; PRP and stem cell therapy might be just what you are looking for. This book could change your life for the better.

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