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  • Andrew F.

    Andrew F.

    I've had a left knee issue for years, and basically "compensated" by putting almost all my weight on the right...
  • Pauline N.

    Pauline N.

    "Dr Darrow is leading the industry with his treatments and practice. As the founder of Fighter Diet I've made my...
  • Howard A.

    Howard A.

    Dr. Darrow of the Darrow Stem Cell Institute have taken care of me and my family for many years.  With...
  • Jon Q.

    Jon Q.

    12 yrs. ago I tore the meniscus in my right knee, thinking it was a sprain,  I continued to limp...
  • Peter F.

    Peter F.

    I saw Dr. Darrow 3 months ago after my left knee had gotten to the point it was painful to...
  • Tami A.

    Tami A.

    I saw Dr. Darrow 2 weeks before a had neck surgery scheduled to fuse my C5 & C6 discs.  I...
  • Nicole C.

    Nicole C.

    I had a strange pain in my knee when leaning on it.  I was VERY concerned being that I have...
  • Victor L.

    Victor L.

    I went to Darrow Stem Cell Institute for issues with my shoulder. Dr. Darrow explained every procedure he conducted on...
  • Leon G.

    Leon G.

    Long time posting but here it is.  I went in several months ago for PRP injection on foot and knee....
  • Stay T.

    Stay T.

    Dr. Darrow treated my mother's knees with stem cell treatments these past two months. This was not an easy decision....
  • Chris B.

    Chris B.

    I will update this post with my progress from the Stem Cell Injections I received on 4/7/2016 over the next...
  • Christine H.

    Christine H.

    I re-tore my meniscus in my left knee during my trip to France in October. When I returned, I went...
  • John W.

    John W.

    I was treated by Dr. Darrow for tendonitis in m¥ wrist with PRP.  M¥ pain, going in ranged from 3-8....
  • Dale F.

    Dale F.

    Wow. Rarely have I encountered a physician with that unique combination of compassion, integrity and deep domain expertise.  Dr Darrow...
  • Bupinder D.

    Bupinder D.

    After much research, I selected Dr. Darrow to treat my knee with stem cell injections. The staff was courteous and...
  • Michael C.

    Michael C.

    I tore the labrum (cartilage) in my right hip doing Crossfit and an ortho doctor recommended labral tear surgery.  This...
  • Dianna D.

    Dianna D.

    I visited Doctor Darrow for a very damaged hip.  Stem cell treatments have always fascinated me and Dr. Darrow is...
  • Howard F.

    Howard F.

    Dr. Darrow treated me 6-8 years ago for alleviating the symptoms of arthritis in in my large toe joint with...
  • Carol C.

    Carol C.

    I began running in 1980 and have completed over 25 marathons, 13.1 races, 10k's, you name it. After the 2014...
  • jody b.

    jody b.

    I heard about Dr. Darrow from a friend at church six months earlier, but did not really think about until...
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